Upcoming Important Dates & Events


Tuesday, September 19th   5  pm or  7 pm in the Church – 8th Graders  and parents  Rite of Enrollment Ceremony  (mandatory )  

Wednesday, September 20th  7 pm in the Church – Parent Meeting for at home online GIFT students and new in person 1st graders   


Please register your children for the Fall 2023-2024 session as soon as possible. 

 This will help us to prepare for our program by giving us an accurate number of students in our program so that we can order books, get catechists, and plan events and sacramental ceremonies. 

Even if you are not sure of what day and time will work best for you now, please register your children and pick a day and time for class.  You can easily switch to a different day or time if you give us a call before classes begin.