About Us

The Church of the Nativity of Our Lord is a Roman Catholic parish which has been serving families and individuals in Fair Haven, NJ and surrounding communities for more than 60 years. We are one of the 107 parishes within the Diocese of Trenton.

Our Parish Vision Statement

The Church of the Nativity will be known as a prayerful community for people of all ages who are falling in love with God and God’s people.  As a joy-filled Catholic community, our calling is to welcome all to our parish and share the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.  We nurture spiritual growth within our Catholic parish, ministering to those seeking to be welcomed, and desiring engagement and connections with others seeking the Lord, while challenging all parishioners to spiritual growth.

Our Parish Mission Statement

Obediently embracing Jesus’ command to make disciples, we are a prayerful community where people truly meet Jesus. Delivering on our Vision as a prayerful Catholic parish, our Mission will be to develop and deliver programs which engage existing and new parishioners of all ages, which are welcoming and open to people seeking a deeper relationship with God.

We will assist families, single people, and older adults to find resources, activities, and liturgies which nourish spiritual growth within the Catholic tradition, mindful of our connection to the Diocese of Trenton, and the teaching and doctrine of the global Roman Catholic Church.