Program and Registration Overview


Mission Statement

While parents and guardians are the primary educators of their children, our goal is to assist parents with the needs of children in 1st Grade- High School through formal catechesis, spiritual experiences, Vacation Bible School, RCIA, and service projects.


Program overviews available for each grade


All Grade Requirements

  • Attendance at 8:00am daily mass
  • Attendance at all scheduled classes
  • Remember NO early dismissals are permitted
  • Attendance at Family Events during the school year
  • Complete online assignments periodically throughout the school year for remaining book lessons
  • Christ in Us Nativity Specific Login Page

Grades 1, 3- 7 Additional Information

  • Choice of either 1st  or 2nd week
  • Attend M-F 8:00am to noon
  • Attend your registered week only
  • No make-ups will be permitted in another week (If you cannot commit to all days for which you are registering, please reconsider attending our year-long program)
  • Must attend Family Events throughout the year and complete additional online lessons

Tuition All Grades

  • $200 per student (Since these are professional teachers, there are no family discounts offered)
  • non-refundable after June 1st


Grades 1st ,2nd, 7th and 8th  and  3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th added!

New!    4th and 6th grade in person on Tuesdays at 5 :30 pm  only  

               3rd and 5th grade in person on Wednesdays at 5 :30 pm only

  • Class selection:
    • Tuesday or Wednesday  4:00 pm, 5:30  pm, or 7:00 pm  based on grade and availability of spots and teacher volunteers
  • Tuition:
    • $175 each child for first 2 children
    • $150 each additional child
    • Sacramental Fee for 2nd will be an additional $100 per child
    • Sacramental Fee for 8th graders will be an additional $115 per child
    • Tuition Waiver of $175 for any family who volunteers to be a teacher/catechist

Grades 3-6

  • Christ in Us At-Home Online Program Requirements
    • Read grade level included book and utilize portal access for supplemental resources
    • Complete on-line tests each week
    • Attend at G.I.F.T. Family Events during the school year
    • Christ in Us Nativity Specific Login Page
  • Tuition
    • $175 each child for first 2 children
    • $150 each additional child

G.I.F.T. (Gather In Faith Together) program

  • The program is a Church of the Nativity Event Centered Inter-generational Faith Formation
  • The program approach is to involve both students and their families
  • The catechesis objective is to offer our children lifelong faith, and discipleship opportunities.
  • Opportunities include practicing our Roman Catholic faith alongside their families whether at home, in the world or with their faith community
  • The GIFT Program will have family events during the school year.  Sign-ups will be sent out accordingly.


Please print and fill out or fill out on your computer and save all required forms.  Important * Once all required forms are filled out, please upload each one into your Parish Giving account under Family Documents. Please click Documents then My Documents. Each document must be saved in order for them to be retained in the system.  It is very important that you label the files for the documents as follows before uploading.  Example-   Smith 23-24 NG form,  Smith 23-24 SE form,  John Smith 23-24 SD form, Jane Smith 23-24 SD form, etc.                   8 th graders, please click the following link for additional paperwork required for Confirmation. 

In-person Classes:

At-Home Program:


•  Safe Environment Program for Children Form


How do I register for classes?

  • Is your family new to the Church of the Nativity Religious Education Program?
  • Complete this new family intake form to sign up for classes.  New Family Intake Form
  • Please do not resubmit this form if  your family is already a part of our religious education program. If  you are having trouble registering  your child or accessing  your RE Parish Giving account, please call  732-741-1714 extension 3  or email  for assistance.