Communication Guidelines

To submit content for the Church bulletin, please follow these guidelines:

  • Bulletin submissions are due to Anne Wingertzahn, Parish Secretary, 8 business days prior to the weekend it is requested to run (deadline will be pushed back due to holidays, etc). For example, submission is due September 28th by end of day at the latest to be included in the October 18th bulletin.
  • Flyers must be submitted to Anne for approval by Fr. Chris prior to publication and must be submitted in .JPEG format.
  • Please provide the weekend dates you would like your submission to run. Most submissions will not run longer than 3 weeks. Requests for meeting reminders will only run the weekend prior to the scheduled meeting.
  • Typical size submissions are:
    ¼ page size = ~60 words w/ picture
    ½ page size = ~120 words w/ picture
    Full page size = ~240 words w/ picture

If you have any questions, please contact Anne at 732-741-1714 x210 or