Funeral Mass Planning

Funeral planning may involve pre-planning, months or even years in advance by an individual or family. It may also involve planning done in a short-term, during the immediate hours or days after a loved one has passed.

Should you experience a death in your family, begin by contacting your chosen funeral home. They will work with you in all aspects of reverently caring for your loved one. They can also reach out to the parish to review possible times for a Funeral Mass, a process we regularly coordinate with local funeral directors. If in doubt, you or your funeral director should contact the Church of the Nativity on our Emergency Phone Number: (732) 784-3127.

Planning for the Funeral Mass is done by family members, in conjunction with our parish Lazarus Team. This Funeral Mass Planning Packet may be downloaded and printed so that you may share ideas and review possible readings for Mass in advance of our meeting. Once the funeral director calls Nativity, a member of this team will reach out to you to schedule the Bereavement Meeting.