Men’s Bible Study

The Men’s Bible Study (MBS) takes a biblical book and reads a chapter every week. The group decides which biblical book to read. The participants of the MBS arrive each week having read the designated chapter. Each participant brings a bible and their spiritual curiosity.

Communication occurs each week either via email or group chat to provide updates, reminding which book/chapter to read prior to each meeting. When the MBS convenes, it will start with an opening prayer. The conversation begins centered on using the following four questions as a starting point:

    • a. What stood out to you this week?
      b. Was there anything confusing or troubling?
      c. Did anything make you feel differently about God?
      d. How might this change the way you live?

Every MBS ends with a prayer focused on the men in the group. An opportunity is provided for those in the group to ask for specific prayers. MBS meets every Thursday from 6:30am-7:15am in the Parish Library.

Contact: Drew LaBarbera,