Now-December 3: Christmas Collection for Troops

The Basic Needs Committee is currently holding a Christmas Collection for our Troops. Below is a list of requested items. We would also suggest cards to thank them for the troops for their service and to let them know we are all thinking and praying for them. Donations can be placed in the bins located inside the sliding doors at the front of the church.

Items must be received by Sunday, December 3rd to insure delivery before Christmas. NO AEROSOL CANS. Monetary Donations are also accepted to help cover shipping costs. Make checks payable to The Church of the Nativity with “Support our Troops” on the memo line.

Feminine hygiene products Rice Krispie Treats Gold Bond foot powder
Beef jerky Sunflower seeds Razors
Crunch and Munch Tic-Tacs Coffee and tea
Nuts (any kind)  Pumpkin seeds Bug spray and wipes
Cookies (any kind)  Trail mix Chapstick
Life savers Peanut Butter Shampoo and conditioner
Chips, Doritos, etc Gum Q-Tips
Protein and Granola bars Suntan lotion Batteries
Microwave popcorn/snacks Socks Powdered drink mixes
Licorice Moisturizer Cold, Cough and Flu relief
Dried fruit snacks Shaving cream Imodium
Dayquil, Nyquil Lactaid Pills Tylenol cold
Allergy Relief Aspirin/Ibuprofen/Motrin Gas X, Zantac, Pepcid